HD Landscaping provides a variety of flexible contract services for all types of landscaping jobs at commercial premises.

Customers can decide on how many hours they need per week or per month and budget appropriately. If you want 20 hours per month and then later wish to reduce or expand the time we work, we can accommodate such changes (with 1 week’s notice).

Charges start with €150 as a deposit, followed by monthly payments, with a minimum contract of 3 months.

An annual contract for our services is available and involves a 30% upfront payment of the agreed yearly fee and the balance divided by 11 equal monthly payments.

Any extra services outside the contract will be charged accordingly.

Advantages of a contract with HD Landscaping:

  • Professional operation with over 20 years’ experience
  • A proven consistently high quality of work
  • Monthly schedule provided, with areas/types of work specified
  • Work to highest safety standards
  • Use of specialised quality tools for every type of work
  • Emergencies fixed within 48 hours
  • Direct contact with company owner, if required
  • Any size of work can be provided by us
  • Environmentally Friendly Company (quiet working environment, odourless and pollution-free operation).

Some of our previous customers:

  • Drogheda Independent Newspaper
  • Tus Maith Montessori Pre-School
  • Audi manufacture
  • Cofely GDF
  • Different city parks
  • Thomas Cook
  • Lotus Biscuit Company
  • Singapore Embassy
  • French Embassy